Ei650 Smoke Alarm

$79.00 Price Including GST

The Ei650 Smoke Alarm is used to detect low-energy smoke particles that often come with fires. This smoke detector is sensitive to all home fire types but it is especially sensitive to smoldering fires. Ideal for kitchens & bathrooms as this model gives off fewer false alarms caused by cooking smoke and steam. Wireless and easy to install – just twist and place it on a high surface.


Manufactured in Ireland by Ei Electronics, the renowned specialist for fire protection products in the UK since 1963.

Starting from June 2018, it is mandatory for all new Singapore houses to install a Home Fire Alarm Device (HFAD) under the new fire code act.

Main Features:

– Highly responsive to smoldering fires
– Comes supplied with a 10-year lithium battery
– Test button includes a Hush button for false alarms
– Low battery warning LED
– VdS approved to BS EN 14604:2005
– Meets ISO 9001:2000 standards
– 5-year Guarantee

What’s in the box:
– Battery-powered Ei 650 Optical Smoke Alarm & Instruction Manual & Fire Manufacturer Warranty