Addressable Fire Alarm System

An Intelligent system

About N3060

Nohmi N3060 is an expandable and intelligent addressable fire alarm system. The PCA-N3060-MCU is the user interface unit of the fire alarm control panel that consists of a 10.4-inch color touch screen, 10 system status indicators, 8 programmable zone indicators, 6 system control switches, and a speaker. The touch screen also makes it quicker and easier for the operator to use the FACP.

In addition, Nohmi N3060 has a feature called Sensor Monitor for indicating the sensing level (smoke level or heat level) of a designated analog fire detector graphically on the LCD. This feature is useful when a particular fire detector’s sensing level should be monitored in some cases. Sensor Monitor is selected for either the last 3 minutes or last one week.

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A summary of N3060 features

  • UL 864, 9th edition listed EN54-2-4, SETSCO approval (Product Listing Scheme)
  • 10.4 inch color touch screen LCD
  • Multi-event display
  • Address map (Collective address status display)
  • Sensor monitor (Analog detector sensing level graphical indication)
  • One touch activation for zone outputs
  • Custom action guidance messages for alarm, supervisory, and other events
  • Voice messages
  • Symbolized alarm and discharge indicators
  • 8 programmable zone indicators
  • Mini-B USB connector for database downloading/uploading
  • Battery monitor
  • NAC synchronization (Amseco, Gentex, Wheelock)
  • 2,500 event logs (plus additional each 1,000 event logs of Alarm, Supervisory, and Trouble)

The PCA-N3060-MCU has an action guidance message display feature. Custom action guidance messages can be programmed for alarm, supervisory, and other device activation events. When the GUIDE button on the LCD is pressed during the occurrence of a designated event condition, the pre-programmed guidance messages are displayed on the LCD so that the operator will be able to take appropriate action.

One touch zone activation of the PCA-N3060-MCU activates all the outputs configured in a zone by touching the corresponding button on the LCD. This function is useful for testing & commissioning and maintenance periods. Thirty-six sets of one touch activation buttons are available per system.

The PCA-N3060-MCU is equipped with the functionality of the voice message. Upon the occurrence of a type of event (alarm, supervisory, trouble, device activation, or fire suppression agent discharge), a pre-recorded voice message for the type of event is played to attract the attention of the operator.

Firetronics is the sole distributor for Nohmi Bosai Ltd in Singapore.


  • Maximum 24 VDC standby current – 95 mA
  • Maximum 24 VDC alarm current – 230 mA
  • Ambient operating temperature range – 0 to 49 °C (32 to 120 °F)
  • Communication for PSA-N3060-SCU – RS-485
  • Communication for PCA-N3060-PSU – RS-485
  • Communication for PCA-2706XA-NIU – RS-232C
  • Dimensions – 415 mm (16.34”)(H) x 350 mm (13.78”)(W) x 65 mm (2.56”)(D)


Shopping Mall • Offices • Laboratory • Equpiment Room • Hotels

N3060 system is suitable for buildings with multiple rooms.

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