NN100 Suppression System

The Clean and Green Solution

About Nitrogen gas

The NN100 System by NOHMI extinguishes the fire by discharging the nitrogen gas into the protected room. This help to reduce the oxygen concentration in the room to below 15% which is a cut-off point for continuous combustion.

The discharge of nitrogen gas does not cause any problem with visibility necessary for occupants to access exits since no condensation in the air take place on discharge. NN100 System is excellent to protect critical infrastructures and rooms containing precision instruments such as Data Centre, Server Room, Electrical & control rooms, Documents storage, Medical Treatment Rooms, Fine Arts etc.

NN100 Suppression System

By employing nitrogen gas as the fire extinguishing agent, Nohmi NN100 (IG100) is the most environmentally friendly fire suppression system in the market. It has zero ozone depletion and zero global warming potential. Wholly made in Japan by Nohmi, the largest fire protection provider in Japan, Nohmi NN100 is the perfect solution for your mission-critical fire protection needs.

There are 2 type of NN100 installations for different space and requirement.

1) Engineered Type

Multiple protection zones from a cylinder room, reduces the number of cylinder requirement. The flexibility in design allows it to fit most rooms and ensures maximum piping length from cylinder to nozzle.

2) Packaged Type

Suitable for any dedicated zone for protection.

Less space consumption because no cylinder room is required. No plumbing work reduces installation cost.

Firetronics is the sole distributor for Nohmi Bosai Ltd in Singapore.

Engineered type
Packaged type


  • Agent: Nitrogen gas only
  • Storage cyl. pressure: 30 MPa
  • Pilot cyl. pressure: 10.8 MPa
  • Max. pressure in piping: 10.8 MPa
  • Design oxygen concentration: 12.5 % Vol
  • Discharge Time:  60/120 seconds (90% or more)
  • Ambient temperatture: -20°C to 55°C (cyl. room)


Data Centre • Museums • Archives • Computer Server Rooms • Electrical and Control Rooms

NN100 system is ideal in situation that have zero tolerance to downtime and a high need to protect historical items, irreplaceable data and mission critical equipment.

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