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About FALCON System 21 Series

A series of fire alarm control panels that have comprehensive functions with user friendly interface. FALCON System 21 series is available from 4 panels up to 80 panels in a single unit hence suitable for various application.

As an alternative to the network system, FALCON System 21 series will work seamlessly in the conventional looping systems and are compatible with other manufacturers’ panels on the looping systems. Extended Auxiliary Functions are also available upon request.

FALCON System 100

Falcon System 100 Fire Extinguishing Control Panel provides many flexible choices from basic conventional (non-addressable) panel to advanced hard-wire addressable panel systems. FALCON System 100 are best suited to work with most gas fire extinguishing systems such as NN100, Novec 1230, FM200, other inert gas, CO2 and water mist system.


  • Wall Mounting Type
  • Max. No. of Zones – 80 Detector Zones
  • Main Power Supply – AC230V +10% -15% 50/60Hz
  • Auxiliary Power Supply – Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Capacity: Max 7AH, 12AH,17AH, 24AH. Trickle Charging System, Charge Current: Max 2.5A Battery Full Charge (Charging cut-off function)
  • Power Consumption 8 Zone (170mA), 48 Zone (520mA), 80 Zone (800mA)
  • Nominal Alarm Verification Time – 140 seconds. Alarm Retard & Reset State: 20 seconds, Alarm Confirmation State: 120 seconds
  • Ambient Temperature – -5ºC to 45ºC
  • End of Line Device – 6.8KΩ, 1/2W
  • Main Material – Enclosure: Steel Plate
  • Finish – Baked Melamine (Munsell: 5R4/13) semi glare


Schools • Carparks • Hospitals • Industrial parks

FALCON fire alarm control panels have been widely adopted in many schools, hospitals, restaurants, industrial parks and commercial buildings. One of the many reasons why FALCON fire alarm control panels are well received by both private and government sectors is because of it’s flexibility in fire protection configuration.
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