Marine Fire Protection System

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About Fire in the sea

In ships, even a small fire can lead to fatal accidents. The reason is because the space in ships has a high intensive structure hence it is crucial to detect the first sign of fire at the time of its generation in order to make a prompt response. This timely fire detection can help to limit damages and protect the safety of onboard crews and passengers. One of the recommended marine fire protection will be Nohmi Marine Fire Protection System. Made in Japan by Nohmi, the largest fire protection manufacturer in Japan, Nohmi Marine Fire Protection System is easy to operate and user friendly.

Approved by the following Ship Classification Societies as well as National Authorities: Japan (NK/JG), France (BV/CCS), Norway (DNV/NMD), UK (LRS/MCA), U.S.A (ABS/USCG), Denmark (DSS), Netherland (NSI) & China (CR)

Nohmi Marine Fire Alarm Panel

Nohmi Marine Fire Alarm Panels are available in two types:

1) Modular Type

2) Consolidated Type

The correct application is determined by their intended use as well as the vessel’s nationality and classification.

You can always contact Firetronics and our well trained personnel will be able to provide you with information about Nohmi products and fire protection matters.

Nohmi Marine Fire Protection System is the perfect choice for any vessel.

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